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Are you open on Sundays

They should be open 11 AM-8 PM Sundays

Do y’all offer gluten free food items?

We don’t have a specific gluten free menu. However, we offer the usual fair such as salads that would be gluten free. Our hummus is gluten free naturally, if you sub the pita bread for sliced cucumbers or other veggies we have on hand. We can usually grill shrimp for a salad or offer our chicken salad without a bread. I know that’s not really a lot of help but it’s a few options. Thanks for your question

I was there for lunch on Sat...the fries were inedible...what happened? please go back to the way they were...

Hi, I’ll the owner of Government Street Grocery (Patrick). We haven’t changed anything about the way we do our fries. I’m sorry you had a bad experience on your visit and I’ll try to make it right with you if you stop in again. Our fries are hand cut from whole potatoes to ensure there’s no crazy additives or preservatives involved in your lunch. This process makes for a French fry that can be a little tempormental when cooking. The temp of the oil at the time of cooking is really important as well as the soak time of the cut fries. Sometimes things get wonky and the texture can vary from ideal. If you ever feel something isn’t right with our food please be sure to let a server know so we can correct it if necessary. Thanks for being a customer, we’ll get you some great fries on the house if you give us another shot at it.

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